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What Happens On The Day?

The Dove Handler will arrive approx 15 minutes before the Bride's arrival, and will talk to the photographer about the release.

As the Bride and Groom leave the church or venue, the handler will step forward and depending on what type of release it is, will present the doves to the Bride and Groom.

We cannot release inside the venue, only outdoors.

They will circle together in the air a couple of times in a beautiful formation.
They will then follow their natural instinct which is to fly back to where they were born. ie. Their lofts, where theyll have a bath and all the food they can eat.

Love Doves breed and train White Rock Doves, also known as homing pigeons. These are the only type of doves that should be released at outdoor functions.

Visit our website, view our beautiful birds and the manypackages to suit your day.

Love Doves of Lake Macquarie

Love Doves of Lake Macquarie

Love Doves of Lake Macquarie

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